In order to qualify for the 2019 TAB Melbourne Cup heats, greyhounds must win one of the following events.

Any nominated greyhound that is not automatically exempted under these conditions will ONLY be eligible for any remaining positions in the eight heats (plus reserves) by having competed (regardless of finishing position) in at least ONE Melbourne Cup Prelude Series during 2018. These remaining positions will be allocated based on the greyhounds current aged prize money (APM) value from highest to lowest.

Order of entry:
1. Exempt race winners
2. Prelude 2nd placed runners sorted by APM
3. Remaining Prelude runners sorted by APM

GRV Local Rule 28.2 Graders discretion shall also apply.

Click here for the full TAB Melbourne Cup Conditions of Entry.

2019 Melbourne Cup exemptions

 Group 1 Melbourne Cup (2018)  My Redeemer  David Geall
 Group 1 Silver Chief  Barooga Brett  Brooke Ennis
 Group 1 Paws Of Thunder  Buck’s Future  Sydney Swain
 Group 1 Temlee  Barooga Brett  Brooke Ennis
 Group 1 Australian Cup  Dyna Patty  Andrea Dailly
 Group 1 Golden Easter Egg  Zipping Bailey  Jason Mackay
 Group 1 Perth Cup  Orson Allen  Correy Grenfell
 Group 1 Sapphire Crown  Neo Cleo  Robert Britton
 Group 1 Harrison-Dawson  Orson Allen  Correy Grenfell
 Group 1 Peter Mosman Opal  Start A Riot  Keith Hellmuth
 Group 1 Vic Peters  Feral Franky  Ray Smith
 Group 1 Maturity  Sennachie  Steve White
 Group 1 Brisbane Cup  Sennachie  Steve White
 Group 1 National Sprint Championship  Premium Share  Chris Halse
 Group 1 NZ Waterloo Cup  Robson  Peter Ferguson
 Group 1 Adelaide Cup  Hooked On Scotch  Jason Thompson
 Group 1 Topgun  Get It Gizmo  Harry Manolitsis
 Group 2 Laurels (2018)  Circle Of Dreams  Angela Langton
 Group 2 Warragul Cup  Dyna Hunter  Steve Collins
 Group 2 Cranbourne Cup  Orson Allen  Correy Grenfell
 Group 2 Horsham Cup  Orson Allen  Correy Grenfell
 Group 2 Warrnambool Cup  Dyna Patty  Andrea Dailly
 Group 2 Bendigo Cup  Crimson Vixen  Norm McCullagh
 Group 2 WA All Stars  Alicante Bouchet  Ben Rawlings
 Group 2 Geelong Cup  Hooked On Scotch  Jason Thompson
 Group 3 Launching Pad  Tauwitchere  Steven White
 Group 3 Shootout (ALL RUNNERS)  Hooked On Scotch  Jason Thompson
   Whiskey Riot  Anthony Azzopardi
   Good Odds Harada  Frank Hurst
   Mepunga Maggie  Jeff Britton
 New Zealand Nationals Series  Dyna Dave  Craig Roberts
 Irish Derby  Lenson Bocko
 Boylesports King
 Run Happy
 Mucky Brae
 Graham Holland
 Dolores Ruth
 Pat Buckley
 Kieren Lynch
 Michael O’Donovan
 English Derby  Priceless Blake
 Ballymac Tas
 Skywalker Logan
 Magical Bale
 Droopy’s Expert
 Clonbrien Prince
 Paul Hennessy
 Liam Dowling
 Patrick Guilfoyle
 Kevin Hutton
 Angela Harrison
 Graham Holland
 Southland Derby  Salud Raindrop
 Brackley Bites
 MRL Full Boat
 JS Flamin Ace
 FGF Lucky Star
 Good Win Bob
 LR Iowa Choice
 2019 TAB Melbourne Cup Preludes    
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 1  Keeper Of Keys  Angela Langton
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 2  Broken Promise  Michael Carter 
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 3  Weeona Bulldozer  Stephen Whyte  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 4  Circle Of Dreams  Angela Langton  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 5  Eight Ball  Philip Smith  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 6  Mepunga Maggie  Jeff Britton  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 7  Leon Bale  Andrea Dailly  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 8  Mepunga Maggie  Jeff Britton  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 9  Shima Shine  Andrea Dailly  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 10  Who Told Stevie  David Burnett  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 11  Sweet As Emm  Brendan Pursell  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 12  Flynn  Jason Thompson
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 13  Blue Striker  Peter Akathiotis  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 14  Shima Shine  Andrea Dailly  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 15  Reiko Boss  Andrea Dailly  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 16  Who Told Stevie   David Burnett  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 17  Busy Bella  Danny Cortese  
 TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude 18  Weblec Ace  Jeff Britton