2019 TAB Melbourne Cup 


Nominations for all greyhounds (including exempted runners) must be received by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) by 10:00am on TUESDAY 19 November 2019.

Nominations can ONLY be accepted by Greyhound Racing Victoria by phone
(03) 8329 1100 or on-line at The Nominator must advise Greyhound Racing Victoria that their nomination is for the Melbourne Cup.

INTERSTATE ENTRIES PLEASE NOTE: GRV recommends that all interstate greyhounds that are racing in Victoria for the first time are nominated early. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to validate trainer and owner details prior to the close of nominations.

The greyhounds that win the following races OR compete in the final of the 2019 Irish Derby, the 2019 English Derby, the 2019 Southland Derby or the SHOOTOUT at Sandown Park on Thursday 14 November 2019 will gain automatic exemption into the EIGHT HEATS of the Melbourne Cup to be held on FRIDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2019. If the number of exempt runners exceeds 64, the reserves for the EIGHT HEATS will be allocated based on the greyhounds current aged prize money (APM) value from highest to lowest. If the number of exempt runners exceeds 80, runners will be determined based on the greyhounds current aged prize money (APM) value from highest to lowest.

Group 1 Melbourne Cup (2018)
Group 1 Silver Chief (2019)
Group 1 Paws of Thunder (2019)
Group 1 Temlee (2019)
Group 1 Australian Cup (2019)
Group 1 Golden Easter Egg (2019)
Group 1 Perth Cup (2019)
Group 1 Sapphire Crown (2019)
Group 1 Harrison-Dawson (2019)
Group 1 Peter Mosman Opal (2019)
Group 1 Vic Peters (2019)
Group 1 Brisbane Cup (2019)
Group 1 Maturity Classic (2019)
Group 1 National Sprint Championship (2019)
Group 1 NZ Waterloo Cup (2019)
Group 1 Adelaide Cup (2019)
Group 1 Topgun (2019)
Group 2 Laurels Classic (2018)
Group 2 Warragul Cup (2019)
Group 2 Cranbourne Cup (2019)
Group 2 Horsham Cup (2019)
Group 2 Warrnambool Cup (2019)
Group 2 Bendigo Cup (2019)
Group 2 WA All Stars (2019)
Group 2 Geelong Cup (2019)
Group 3 Launching Pad (2019)
Group 3 November Shootout (ALL RUNNERS) (2019)
New Zealand Nationals series winner (2019)
Irish Derby (ALL FINALISTS) (2019)
English Derby (ALL FINALISTS) (2019)
Southland Derby (ALL FINALISTS) (2019)

Any nominated greyhound that is not automatically exempted under these conditions will ONLY be eligible for any remaining positions in the eight heats (plus reserves) by having competed (regardless of finishing position) in at least ONE Melbourne Cup Prelude Series during 2018. These remaining positions will be allocated based on the greyhounds current aged prize money (APM) value from highest to lowest.

Order of entry:
1. Exempt race winners
2. Prelude 2nd placed runners sorted by APM
3. Remaining Prelude runners sorted by APM

GRV Local Rule 28.2 Graders discretion shall also apply.

Melbourne Cup Preludes series:
Series 1 Thursday 3 October 2019
Series 2 Thursday 17 October 2019
Series 3 Thursday 31 October 2019
Series 4 Thursday 14 November 2019

Greyhounds may compete in any number of Preludes to enhance selection chances.

Composition of the heats will be subject to the top 25% of nominated greyhounds being seeded and distributed evenly amongst the heats, with the remaining 75% of greyhounds being drawn randomly into the heats. Guarding of owners and trainers in heats will apply where possible.

The connections agree to the use of their greyhound’s name and photograph for promotional and/or advertising purposes by SGRC, or any firm, business or organisation approved by SGRC, arising from it competing in the 2019 Melbourne Cup series.

SGRC and GRV reserves the right to alter and/or add to these conditions. The final field for the 2019 Melbourne Cup final shall be determined in accordance with Greyhound Racing Victoria Rules and the Greyhounds Australasia Rules.